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As a company „”, we have been providing for 13 years a complex service of SMEs, (small and medium sized enterprises). We deal on the basis of a complementary offer that includes main products such as domains, web hosting and search engine optimization. We observe, analyse and follow the newest trends. We spur into action and act ourselves.

Google browser is a place where any interesting information, service or product can be found. A website without any advertisement is like a large outdoor screen in the middle of a forest. The easiest way to success is the engine optimisation that guarantees successful access to a client.

The success on the Internet can only be guaranteed by a cooperation with a reputed company that has an established position in the market. Continuous investments, training and self-development of our employees help us to sustain a strong position on the advertisement market.

The company thanks to the support of European funds invested in B2B application.

The main assumption of the system is to upgrade its efficiency by the means of automation of advertisement processes as well as customer service. Because of numerous implemented tools, the systems eliminates the necessity of using various separate applications or tools.
The system consists of two modules and various user groups and is integrated with company’s web hosting service as well as with customers’ database as its main aim is to facilitate the communication channel on the ground of B2C including complex circulation of documents and e-payments.

The system automatically generates reports and analyses, which may be considered as one of its most important features, that determine advertisement’s potential of the website in comparison with competition of the particular client as well as they present the commercial offer of in this area.
The application is a great help in creating contracts, generating and sending reports and invoices as well as in a complex management of relations with customers. First customers will be able to use those conveniences since the beginning of 2016.

Information concerning the system:
Karolina Jekel
Customer service manager
Phone: +48 52 366 77 77,